Friday, April 7, 2017

A Cry in the Corridor

Mary was with her maid when she heard a cry from somewhere in the house. Her maid said it was the "wutherin'" of the wind but Mary thinks it is a person. I think that it is a person also and maybe its Archibald Craven who is crying.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ben Weatherstaff

Mary met a old gardener in the gardens who had a friend robin. His name was Ben Weatherstaff. I like Ben so far and I think they will become friends. Her maid told her about a secret garden that is locked and hasn't been entered in ten years. She will obviously get into the garden at some point in the book because the book is called the secret garden. Maybe Ben will show her the door to the secret garden.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Dreary Moor

After everyone died of cholera and Mary was sent away, she was sent to her Uncle Craven who lives in a desolate house on the dreary moor. The moor is a flat, barren, place with low-growing heather and brush. They make they moor sound boring but I think it sound nice. I would want to live in a mansion in the moor by myself. Even Mrs. Medlock thinks it could be nice for some people.

The Secret Garden

I started reading the Secret Garden and I like it so far. The main character is a horrid little girl named Mary. She lived in India for most of her childhood but all of her servants and her Ayah got the cholera. Everyone died of fled and no one wanted her. I kind of feel bad but the book shows that she is very self-centered and petulant.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Giver Book V.S. Giver Movie

The Giver is a book about a “utopia” without choices. Jonas is the main character of the book. He is chosen to become the memory receiver, an honored job where you get the memories of the choices that the people got too make. As you know, this book was made into a movie. The movie was very good but it made some changes from the book. I believe that the movie was better than the book for many reasons. I think it was more exciting, the ending was much better, and it had a villain and a better story.
In the book, they live in a nondescript community were nothing ever happens. However, in the movie, when Jonas tried to show the memory of sledding too his friends, they slid down the ramp of the outlook on trays. This part just adds a little spark into this boring community. Also, the memories are much more realistic and the movies shows much more of the memories. There also was this part of  the movie were Jonas saved Gabe from being released. This part was exciting because they were getting chased by soldiers and Fiona distracted the soldiers. Then, Jonas steals a motorcycle instead of a bicycle and there is a epic motorbike chase. None of this happened in the book and it was all very exciting. Also, they made Asher, Jonas's friend, a drone pilot so Jonas would encounter him during his escape.
Another reason that the movie is better than the book is that the ending didn’t leave you hanging. I understand that some books do that because they have a sequel but in the Giver book it totally just stops and you don’t know what happened. He could have  died, he could have found his home, he could have been dreaming for all we know. I wish they gave us a little more ending. In the movie, Jonas crossed the boundary and a blue ray shot across the land and gave everyone the memories back. This part is obviously the resolution because it is what Jonas wanted.
The last reason that I think the movie is better that the book is because  it had more of a story and there was a villain. This adds to the movie because usually in the book he doesn’t really have a enemy and in the movie the chief elder is the villain and he has to overcome her. She wants the community to not have choices because she thinks the people will chose wrong. She hides the past from everyone and makes them an ordinary life. Jonas thinks that the people should have the memories and have the freedom to choose. This conflict triggers more action and excitement and the reader or watcher will be more into the story.
In conclusion, this post shows that the Giver movie is better that the Giver book. I think it is better because there is more excitement, the ending is much better, and finally it has a better story and a villain.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Walk in Grandpa’s Shoes

A Walk in Grandpa’s Shoes

By Gabe Irwin

    On monday, I called my grandpa and asked if he wanted to do an interview. Grandpa has no beard and he has a bald spot in gray-white hair. He’s 70 years old. He is very old school and always wears plaid flannels and jeans. He’s got a deep voice but he’s very kind. I know that he likes to fish, hunt, and dive for abalone in Mendocino.
    “Hello?” answered Grampa.
    “Hi Grandpa, it’s Gabe. I’m doing an interview for my english class. Do you mind if I interview you?” I asked.
    “Not at all. I’d love it!” he replied happily.
    “Okay, what was your middle school like? Anything different than my school?”
    “About the same as yours, 300 kids and 7th and 8th grades. Although, there were actually seven periods and not six.”
    “Huh, interesting.” I said “What did you do in your free time, after school?”
    “Well I played a lot of sports, baseball, basketball, and football. We used a wiffle ball for a base ball. My favorite thing to do was ride our bikes down to U.C. Davis, we lived near there, and play hide and seek on the weekends.”
    “Wow! That’s sound like fun!” I exclaimed. I imagined that would be something I would like to do if I lived closer to Cal Poly.
    “It sure was, Gabe.”
    “When you were a kid, were there any significant advances in technology?”
    “Um, yeah, the Russians launched the first satellite into space, in the 50’s. It was called Sputnik. That was very important because that enabled television. Me and my friends, around 4 o’clock, went to a neighbor's house who had a TV. We were very lucky, since most places didn’t have a TV. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Have you heard of it?”
    “Yes, I have. Satellites must have been very important. Anyway, was anything else different for you than me?”
    “Yes, of course. No computers, movies were on a film reel, and the copy machine was much different,” he told me. “We did everything on paper, no emails or google or whatever you kids use computers for. Movies were on a film reel, those things that look like cameras that you put the film in? We used those to play videos and movies.”
    “Okay, When did you get your first job?” I questioned.
    “About your age, around 13, I started to mow lawns,” he responded. “Except the thing was, the lawn mower didn’t have a motor so I had to push it along. Also, I worked for my dad. He owned a vending machine company and I took the money from the machines at my school and gave it to my dad.”
    “Hey,” I said “Grandma mentioned that you were a Fish and Game Warden. What is that?”
    “Oh, that is a job where I had to check that hunters and fishermen had their hunting licenses and weren’t taking too many fish or just shooting animals for fun. I mostly checked fishermen and worked around the seas and lakes.”
    “Did you like it?” I asked.
    “Of course. Don’t do a job that you don’t have fun doing,” he told me.
    “What did you think you’d be when you grew up?”
    “I thought I would be a farmer. I really liked to grow food. I also liked cars but I didn’t think I’d go into the automobile business.”
    “Cool, I also like to grow plants.” I thought of my succulent garden in the corner of the yard. “What was your major in college? Agriculture?”
    “No, actually I took Engineering but then I switched to Marine Biology. I found it very interesting at the time. Although, I also did think of becoming a teacher. I went to Cal Poly, too, if you didn’t know that already.”
    “If you could go back in time, what would be one thing that you’d tell yourself?”
    “Uhhh, that’s a hard one. Probably the importance of studying. Make sure you study hard and get a good job when you are older.”
After I finished the interview, I realized that I learned a lot about my Grandpa. I know that he was very active when he was a kid and that he liked to ride bikes. If we knew each other when were kids I think we would be very good friends. Maybe even best friends! The most surprising thing I learned about my Grandpa was that he played hide and seek at U.C Davis. Before the interview, I looked up to my Grandpa but now, I know that we have a lot more in common.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bomb Warning

I'm reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Again, Lesil has to return to their neighbors cellar and leave Max behind. But, this time people are actually worried that they will get bombed. Lesil reads a book out loud and everyone calms down. I think that this part is a good part in the book because it's nice how everyone goes from chaos to calm.